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Recreational Summer Camp Program

Save Summer for you kids with our Summer Camp program.

Take advantage of the early bird specials savings by registering by 3/18.

Rise and Shine Kidz Learning Pod

We get it... juggling work and kids during the summer can be stressful. 

We want to offer you piece of mind.  Let us help make your child's summer a fun summer! With our summer program, you won't have to worry about what to do that day to ensure that your child is not glued to the TV or any other screen. 

Who are we?

At Rise and Shine Kidz,  we are committed to providing enriching and fun summer camp experiences for school-aged kids. We are located in Fairfax City. We offer a wide range of activities that appeal to different interests, including outdoor activities, art and crafts, and STEM. Our programs are designed to provide enrichment opportunities that your child will enjoy and most of all, have fun! Summer is all about fun.

We have a beautiful 7-acre property and try to hold activities outside as much as possible.  Kids will be able to ride their bikes, go out on scavenger hunts, play sports, and other fun outdoor activities. When the weather doesn't cooperate, we will have  indoor activities related to different themes every week, whether it is discovering cool and interesting places in the world, through arts and crafts, or learning about animal biology, your kids will certainly enjoy summer!

Our background-checked staff will engage with children's interests, whether they want to try something new, or build on existing skills, our staff is here to support them. 

At Rise and Shine Kidz, we believe that summer camp is an opportunity for children to make new friends, explore new interests and creating fun summer memories.


Interested in enrolling your child at Rise and Shine Kidz?  Have questions or would like to discover more about our program? Contact us today.

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10185 Main St Fairfax VA 22030


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